Use the stackchain.network to power your next mobile project rather game, app, dapp, or other. stackchain.network can centralize an operation to port into any Centralized/Decentralized ledger for advanced API extraction and SDK building or you can use the entire Stack Project suite as is for an awesome server/business product out of the box.


A new way to connect!

Connect through decentralized p2p mirrors through a host of networks.
Each dapp/app or game created using the stack data structure is capable of transmitting
stackchain.network transactions and contracts.

Though the stackchain.network central is the foundation of all stackchain.network operation it will not in the future be a sole nexus for all stackchain.network transactions. Our team is carefully building the perfect solution with it’s own data to back it. The core source hopes to serve as a local server/client manager for p2p inner-connectivity and a new and more progressive way to engage user-data.


A New Way to Engage User-Data

As a core feature with the Stack foundation framework, is an inner-db/hashing/ data system [chain] that acts as a decentralized/centralized ledger by and between each user/node where as contracts proposition to each device holding a [chain]. Each [chain] can read the Stack Data type and fully utilize the stack command console. per install.

The Stack Command Console

Connect to any stackchain.network access point as well as p2p/host/connect to any [chain] and test basic transactions and the Stack data type.


— Updates

  1. Added context to command prompt
  2. Added the ability to index
  3. Added new support for html5 audio recording/streaming
  4. Added Stack Data Structure to the Stackchain.network workflow


Stackchain.network is a network and the central for all of the main and test Stackchain.network transactions, contracts, and connections as well as discovery. We started back in 2012 under an entirely different premise with a similar concept in mid; however, we didn’t have the technical backing as a company then to build/publish

About the Foundation

The founder of the Stackchain.network was an enthusiast that started coding around the age of 7 years old in Q-Basic/Basic language. He has started out to be a regular developer until his late years when he attempted to created an innovative way to encrypt, transmit, and secure data through advanced hashing algorithms encrypted by way of scannable image files. His ideas since then has been adopted in many other nuanced versions of his original attempts. This being both a weakness and strength in technology allotted for an unusual amount of research to be extrapolated in the many nuances.

The key members of the Stack Framework Foundation started to bridge the ideas together that has become the Stack Framework around the year 2012 when they decided to lease clubs to hold physical events and test the data-network in real-time application. These tests yielded to be substantially more convenient in the scope of securing, transmitting, and encrypting data in a real-time real case scenario [ie Ticket Sales to a regular hosted event].

The Foundation wasn’t initially intending on creating any form of cryptographic currency/operation whatsoever. The difference came as a growing demand for newer technological standards and benchmarks.